Dry/Sensitive Skincare Routine

Hello, welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m going to be talking about skincare, particularly about looking after dry skin. I’ve never had much experience with a strict skincare routine before, as my skin has always been fairly easy to manage. However, over the past few months my skin suddenly lost all of its moisture, and became dry, flaky and red. I’m still not entirely sure why- I’ve tried to drink more water, eat more fruit and vegetables, and reduce stress, however I haven’t found any of this to help drastically.

However, I’ve developed a skincare combination which works well for me, and it helps to keep the dryness at bay.

Skincare for sensitive skin is very personal to you specifically, as fragile skin can be easily irritated by different products. However, barely any products have worked for me apart from these ones, so if they’re gentle enough for my crusty ‘lil face, I’m sure they’ll work for you too! 
Also, this post isn’t aimed only for people who’s skin is chronically dry; a lot of people suffer from occasional dryness, particularly when they’ve been travelling, or when the temperature changes suddenly. Have a read, and bare these products in mind for if you ever find yourself in need of them.

: What I did when I was trying out these products, was wear only eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow pomade, so that my skin had a chance to fully absorb the nutrients from the skincare. This is completely up to you and what you feel comfortable with, but I do recommend giving your skin a few days to adjust and heal. 
1. Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make Up Remover- £2.00 I start out by taking this on a cotton pad, and sweeping it gently over my chin, cheeks, forehead and eyelids. This product is very much water based, and it’s enriched with gentle cleansers and vitamins. I’ve been using this as an alternative to a cream/gel cleanser, as I find that these aren’t gentle enough for how fragile my skin is right now. This product freshens and rejuvenates skin, whilst also cleaning away dirt and all traces of make up from the day. 

2. Simple Kind To Eyes Soothing Balm- £1.95 (Price can vary to around £2.50, depending on the store and offers etc) Next, I dot this under my eyes, and on the fragile skin above my eyes, (up to my browbone.) This product cools and hydrates the eye area so quickly and so well! I’ve also started using this on my red patches, (I get this sometimes in between my brows and on my cheeks) and when I wake up in the morning, the red patches have vanished! The skin underneath my eyes is so smooth and firm- the perfect base for make up; people with dry skin will know the STRUGGLES of creased concealer under their eyes. I’ve found this to even out completely after applying the balm. Also, can we talk about the PRICE? Normally, eye creams are so expensive, and I have tried a few high end ones, but none have worked as well as this. It’s a hidden gem, and I 100% recommend it, for all skin types! 

3. Nip+ Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser-£19.95 but £7.00 AT SUPERDRUG RIGHT NOW- Finally, once I’ve allowed the Simple Eye Balm to soak in, I use a few pumps of this moisturiser. It’s packed FULL of so many vitamins and natural remedies, such as aloe vera, cucumber, watercress extract, kale extract and almond oil, for deep moisture. I started using this twice a day, around three days ago, and already my skin is thriving! It’s infused so much moisture, and my skin looks so genuinely healthy, as opposed to dull and flaky. I tried applying make up yesterday, to see if this had improved my skin, and it sat perfectly! I was able to enjoy the day out, without feeling self conscious, and it was so nice to feel comfortable in my own skin. 

I hope that you’ve found this helpful in some way, and keep your eye out for these essentials. And remember that whatever troubles you may be having with your skin, you still look BEAUT!
Jodes x

The Best Products for a Summer Glow

Hello everyone,


I’ve always struggled with self-confidence, and a major part of that has always been my legs. During the colder months, I could hide behind tights and trousers, however I’ve decided that this year I want to embrace the playsuits, shorts, dungarees and general cuteness of spring style.

I decided to try the Dove Summer Glow moisturiser, which cost £2.20 and came in a 250ml bottle. Bearing in mind you only need a coin-sized amount per leg, this amount stretches incredibly far for your money.

For best results, you apply the moisturiser after a bath or shower, so that the skin is soft and supple, and therefore absorbs more product. I haven’t found it to be staining, however you may want to set a towel down whilst applying the tan.

The product itself is a nourishing moisturiser, which contains nutrients and rich oils, whilst subtly giving your skin a natural and even looking tan.

The shade you want depends on how you use this product; each time you use it, your tan develops, however I’ve found that after one use my legs were a good colour.

You do have to apply this product every so often to maintain the tan, however it’s so quick and easy. Also, you don’t need to worry about developing a patchy tan, using a tanning mitt, or have to experience that ‘fake tan smell.’ And as the tan progresses over a series of days, there’ll be no sudden transition from marshmallow, to inverted bake bean smurf.

Also, the scent is apricot, it smells incredible!

The Dove Summer Glow is a healthy, subtle and easy way to get sun-kissed skin. It’s improved my confidence a lot, and I’ve had some compliments too! People have asked me if I spend a lot of time outside, which is funny because I’m a Netflix-obsessed bed hermit.

And finally, to match the rest of my body, I’ve started using the Boujois Bronzing power on my forehead, cheeks and neck, to finish it off. I’ve found this bronzer to be so warmed toned and natural- it was around £6.00 I think!


I hope you all have a fabulous Easter weekend, and if you don’t celebrate it, I hope you have a lovely weekend all the same!

Jodes x